Welcome to Multipole™

Welcome to Multipole™ – Leaders in Sustainable, Flexible, and Cost Effective Multi-function Pole Systems.

Using a patented, modular, all aluminium system, Multipole™ offers long lasting, aesthetic solutions to the streetscape clutter appearing over the world as urban designers bring more and more technology to our street corners.

Developed over many years by the original designer of the multi-function pole concept, Multipole™ has a range of aluminium poles and accessories to support all applications required in today’s urban environment. This extends from light poles, though CCTV and Security poles, Solar poles to tapered decorative poles.

Multipole™, based in Australia, also supplies products internationally with operations in the USA, Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Our Business

Multipole™ is a product of Fyntrim Pty Ltd, a division of the Goldspar Group of Companies with its head office in Sydney, Australia. Goldspar Australia Pty Ltd was formed in August 1979 by Doug Rawson-Harris, a designer and engineer, by profession.

The company in the early days specialised in the design and manufacture of sailing equipment, including yacht masts and booms, later expanding to include flag poles, light poles, sporting posts and other aluminium tubular products.

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