About Multipole™

Multipole™ is a product of Fyntrim Pty Ltd, a division of the Goldspar Group of Companies with its head office in Sydney, Australia. Goldspar Australia Pty Ltd was formed in August 1979 by Doug Rawson-Harris, a designer and engineer, by profession.

The company in the early days specialised in the design and manufacture of sailing equipment, including yacht masts and booms, later expanding to include flag poles, light poles, sporting posts and other aluminium tubular products.

In 1996, Doug Rawson-Harris designed and developed the first multi-function light pole system known as the Smartpole. This won him the Australian Design Award for Industrial Design in 1998.

Due to expansion of the light pole business, which included standard tapered and decorative poles, Fyntrim Pty Ltd was established in 2000 as a separate entity to concentrate on multi-function light poles and solar poles.

This resulted in the development of Multipole™ and Multipole Solar™, the new generation of multi-function pole that is 100% aluminium in construction (rather than steel/aluminium composite of original multi-function poles) giving significant advantages from a cost, flexibility, sustainability, weight and longevity point of view. The new pole includes a patented footing system that reduced costs and simplified installation plus a patented security screw, known as Rivlok™, making access to the internal cavity of the pole virtually impossible without the patented driver.

In addition Fyntrim Pty Ltd has developed many accessories for the Multipole™ system.

With our in house design capability as well as our own fabrication and assembly facilities, we can provide customers with a flexible package including customised products when customers wish to personalise their streetscape.

Our business operates in Australia and New Zealand, USA, Middle East and Europe.

Recent Projects

Multipole™ Design Concept

With urban designers requiring the need for pole mounted lighting, traffic control, CCTV, banners, signage, public warning, communication, environmental monitoring, pedestrian management and many other applications in public areas it was inevitable that a streetscape would become cluttered with a myriad of different poles delivering these services. Not only has this become visually unsatisfactory in many places but also it has created a maze of obstructions in pedestrian areas using up valuable civic space.

This has led our designers to develop a new generation of light poles that delivers to the community an effective solution to the growing number of single purpose poles that are sprouting in the urban environment.

The solution is in the installation of Multipole™ or Multipole Solar ™ Multi-Function light poles.

Developed over the last seven years, Fyntrim Pty Ltd has developed its Multipole™ and Multipole Solar ™ products that deliver an aesthetically pleasing all aluminium multi-function pole that can provide a flexible secure home for many of the services required in the streetscape. In addition the poles can be the basis for the provision of public amenities such as bike racks, bus shelters, water bubblers and seats.

Early generations of our multi-function poles relied on a steel core clad in aluminium decorative cladding. Multipole has removed any reliance on steel by designing a pole based on our patented extrusions that delivers:

  • A versatile pole with an accessory tracking system to allow clamping of various attachments at any height using our patented vandal resistant brackets. These brackets can be adjusted from time to time allowing retrofitting of accessories as requirements change.
  • No welded joints as the poles are extruded aluminium and accessories are attached to the fluted tracking. Welded joints provide a weakness in a pole and can be subject to corrosion. Welded base plates are not required due to our patented footing system.
  • Excellent strength. From a structural perspective, aluminium poles can be economically constructed to a height of 18 metres and are suitable for areas requiring a cyclone rating. Strength achieved through the use of marine grade aluminium and careful design, provides a yield strength that matches mild steel for a similar cost. Their corrosion resistance enables use in marine and flood prone environments for up to eighty years.
  • A pole that is inherently energy absorbing frangible (or fully frangible if required), thereby eliminating the need for slip base arrangements for highway applications. In addition the inclusion of a pole ventilation system will minimise the internal humidity within the pole thus reducing control gear failures through moisture build up.
  • Low maintenance cost and graffiti resistance due to the anodised finish on non-corroding aluminium. A clear or coloured anodised finish to a pole will simplify the removal of graffiti and give a long lasting finish. Cleaning can be achieved simply by the use of a steam cleaner or solvent.
  • Reduced installation costs as the weight of aluminium poles is approximately one third of that of steel based poles. This generates cost savings in transport, manpower and the need for heavy installation machinery.
  • A sustainable product. As aluminium poles have a smaller carbon footprint to steel when their overall life is considered. They are capable of being fully recycled (and indeed, most extruded aluminium has a substantial recycled content) and less energy is required to transport and install them. Further the power to make the aluminium poles is approximately 8 kilowatts per tonne, which is the same as steel, but aluminium will deliver more than triple the number of products per tonne of raw material.

We are manufacturers and not “project managers” like many of our competitors.

Multipole manufactures its light pole products from extruded aluminium sections sourced predominantly from Australian mills and extruders.

Poles are fabricated and assembled in our facility at Mona Vale in the Northern beaches area of Sydney.

Our manufacturing capability is enhanced due to our comprehensive plant and machinery inventory including:

  • CNC Machines
  • Tapering machine ( to 250 mm diameter tube)
  • Cold draw bench ( tube to 165mm diameter)
  • Heat treatment oven
  • Hammer swage facility
  • Tube bending equipment (tube up to 250mm diameter)
  • High capacity linishing equipment
  • High capacity saws and cutting equipment
  • Range of lathes, milling machines, drill presses, welding equipment and general fabrication gear.

We follow comprehensive QA procedures to deliver a high quality product with industry beating lead times.

Our Patents and Awards information

In 1996 Doug Rawson-Harris designed and developed the multi-function light pole system known as the Smartpole.
Goldspar manufactured and installed the first 527 Smartpoles for the City of Sydney.
The design won Doug the Australian Design Award in 1998 and Goldspar remains the copyright holder of this design.
In accordance with our philosophy of continuing product improvement this product has been improved through 100% use of aluminium. It has also been rebranded as Multipole™


Bayview Terrace Share Space Revitalisation, Claremont, WA, Australia.

Lighting Designer Mervin Van Der Linde was the recipient of the Award for Excellence in lighting design for this project. Multipole™ is proud to be acknowledged as the manufacturers of the light poles using our Multipole™ Series 300 system.