University of Newcastle, Ourimbah Campus NSW

The Estate Series pole with heavy-duty mast was the ideal solution to mount CCTV cameras at the entrance to a busy carpark at the Ourimbah Campus of the University of Newcastle.

The heavy-duty mast reduces oscillation, thereby improving the performance of the cameras.  The Estate was also ideal as it offers flexibility of mounting locations for the cameras which was finalised on site.


Perth City Library Plaza, WA

Perth’s new public lending library and public plaza forms part of the city’s $55 million St George’s Cathedral Heritage Precinct redevelopment.

300 Series Mini multifunction poles support lighting, CCTV and Wi-Fi in and around the plaza area.   Street clutter was minimised in the plaza by the specified poles supporting multiple accessories. The 300 Series Mini light poles also future-proof the plaza as they can accommodate additional functionality in the future.


Yagan Square, WA

Yagan Square is a project of state significance for the city of Perth and Western Australia. It embodies a new urban typology, fusing culture, history, art, food, architecture and landscape. It is a square that forms part of Australia’s on-going reconciliation with its traditional owners.

Yagan Square is an inclusive, welcoming and active cultural and civic destination. The place is representative of the ideas of convergence: of geologies, tracks, narratives, indigenous and non-indigenous people and culture within the Square.

Yagan Square was awarded the 2019 National Landscape Architecture Award in the Civic Landscape category.

300 Series Maxi and 300 Series Mini multi-function poles specified for the project support numerous functions including lighting, Wi-Fi, CCTV and a public address system within the Square. The poles are also able to accommodate additional functionality in the future as new needs arise.


Rockingham Foreshore WA

The initial stage of the stunning Rockingham Foreshore Redevelopment has opened to the public in time for summer.

The redevelopment consists of three main areas – Railway Terrace, a pedestrian friendly shopping and eat street; the Beach Plaza, including a range of recreational, cultural and heritage attractions; and the Boardwalk, with timber terraces and attractions connecting to the beach.

Marine grade aluminium with colour anodising was specified for the  bespoke pole designs to maintain their original beauty in the harsh coastal conditions as well as ease of maintenance including paint graffiti removal.

The Bespoke design, including elegant tapered masts support lighting, CCTV, banners and other technology like weather sensors enhancing the safety and comfort of the community enjoying the new foreshore area.


ANU University Avenue, ACT

Estate Series are the preferred smart pole for Australian National University (ANU).  The design boasts a striking black pole with stainless steel transition which supports today’s technology and lighting requirements across the university campus as well as future needs.

University Avenue is a popular route for cyclists and pedestrians offering a generally obstacle-free route which runs the length of the extensive campus.

Estate Series poles have been installed along University Avenue providing lighting, banners, Wi Fi, various sensors like pedestrian counting and way signage improving pedestrian and cyclist safety and comfort.

Generously sized internal sliding hatches prevent hatch covers being misplaced.

Additional accessories can be easily added as technology needs change making them future proof.

ANU Daley Road, ACT

Estate Series are the preferred smart pole for Australian National University (ANU).  The design boasts a striking black pole with stainless steel transition which supports today’s technology and lighting requirements across the university campus as well as future needs.

The installation of Estate Series poles along Daley Road included banners, lighting (DALI), CCTV, Wi Fi and way signage improving student comfort and safety.

Canberra Metro, ACT

The first stage of the new Light Rail in Canberra opened in 2019, the first of its kind for the ACT.

267 Series poles were selected for the project which are the same design as existing light poles in the area.

The 267 Series TAMs approved poles support multiple functions including lighting, Wi Fi, traffic and pedestrian signals around the Alinga Street Stop minimising street clutter.  They were finished in ‘Eternity Bronze Pearl’ powder coat, along with other installations for the project.

South Eveleigh, NSW

South Eveleigh (previously known as Australian Technology Park) precinct is set to become one of Australia’s leading smart neighbourhoods. Part of the upgrade undertaken by Mirvac was replacing the light poles within the precinct to support lighting as well as future Smart City digital infrastructure.

Estate Series poles were selected due to their sleek design but were also half the price of other poles with the same functionality.

The Estate pole was able to accommodate a large number of internal components within the base including 3-phase power board, single phase GPO, CCTV and high power. These can be accessed via the secure dual hatches which allowed access to be separated into different hatches.

Elizabeth Quay, Perth WA

The designers of the high profile Elizabeth Quay project designed a custom square pole for this project in steel. Multipole™ offered an alternative option with an all aluminium square pole incorporating our accessory track to allow attachment of accessories.

The pole was chosen as it offered flexibility for attachment of accessories, was suitable for the marine environment due to its corrosion resistance and had a superior anodised finish and contemporary aesthetic.

Whitfords Nodes, WA

Joondalup has been undergoing a program to replace the old-style steel light poles which have corroded in the harsh coastal environment with modern aluminium smart poles which are better suited to the conditions.

The Estate Series poles were selected for Whitfords Nodes carpark mainly due to the sleek and light design which also complemented the Multipole 300 Series Maxi poles used in the Joondalup area.

The sandy conditions required a direct bury installation which could be specified on the Estate poles.   Low lighting was addressed in the carpark with the addition of twin and single light arms improving visibility and safety at night.

Security was included on the Estate poles with the addition of CCTV and internal sliding, vandal resistant hatches.  Public WiFi was able to be included on the Estate pole eliminating the need for additional poles in the carpark.

The result is a modern, safe and smart carpark area proving popular with locals.